Nintendo Power Gloves Infused With Super Powers


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The Nintendo Power glove was pretty useless, unless you had the ability to put it on and use it for other things like pretending you had the ability to play games with the glove. But you could also run around and pretend that you had a glove that could shoot lasers, or lift things telekinetically, or that gave you super strength. But what if the glove belonged to a superhero who already had powers?

Enter Josh Ln who has managed to infuse some powers, or in Batman's case his costume, into the totally useless but totally awesome Nintendo Power Glove. Wolverine, Ironman, Thing, Batman, and Spiderman all make a cameo here and show that all you need is a little imagination. Go to Josh Ln's Society 6 page to purchase any or all of these prints and hang them in your game room for all to marvel at!