Nintendo Improves Wii U System Load Times In April Update

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One of the major complaints of the Wii U is that the load times between menus takes far too long. This is most apparent when a player returns to the home menu. In its April firmware update, Nintendo is hoping to fix this.

In a new video uploaded to its official YouTube channel, Nintendo shows off the effect its new firmware update has on system load times. Going from a game to the home menu takes about 22 seconds on the current firmware. With the new firmware, this time will be reduced to six seconds.

The April update will be the first of two system firmware updates planned for this year that will hopefully improve the system load times. The video makes it seem that this update will focus on decreasing the time required to move from a game to the home menu. It's unknown if the April update will decrease the time required to move between apps like Miiverse and the eShop.

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