Nintendo Announces Bayonetta 2 As A Wii U Exclusive

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There was a little game from a few years ago called Bayonetta. It was the most refreshing action game in years with tight controls and a focus on stylish action not seen since Devil May Cry 3. It was unfortunate then when SEGA announced low sales figures and Platinum Games was non-committed to a sequel. It seems that Nintendo was fully committed to getting us that sequel.

Nintendo announced two games from Platinum Games today that the company would be publishing themselves. The big surprise was that Bayonetta 2 would be coming to the Wii U as an exclusive title. The trailer was short, but oh so sweet.

It's hard to really gather much from the trailer beyond Bayonetta being back with her signature gun feet. There seems to be a new enemy as well. I really hope that the game is as crazy as the original was.

It should also be noted that Nintendo announced that they would be publishing Bayonetta 2. It's going to be a Wii U exclusive. That's a major win for Nintendo as that game has a small, but very dedicated, fan base. For example, I was unsure on the Wii U until that announcement. Now I'm planning on putting money down for the console this weekend just for one game.

Platinum Games also revealed the final title for their game that was shown at E3 this year - Project P-100. The game's real title is now "The Wonderful 101." The title refers to the characters in the game numbering 100, plus you the player being the final character. It still looks zany and wonderful.

The Wii U just got a dose of hardcore game action from Platinum Games. Some gamers are obviously going to be angry over Bayonetta 2 being an exclusive, but it's quite exciting nonetheless. Nintendo is definitely catering to the hardcore now with this. Besides, SEGA would never have published a Bayonetta sequel. Nintendo is giving fans something that nobody else would have risked.

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