Nina Pham's Boyfriend Allegedly Hospitalized and Being Closely Monitored for Ebola

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Nina Pham's boyfriend is reportedly being monitored very closely, with some reports saying he has been hospitalized and is in isolation.

Pham, a 26-year-old nurse employed Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was part of a team that treated Thomas Duncan, a Liberian national who has become known as “patient zero” and who died of Ebola on Oct. 14.

“A person Khoi described as a friend of Pham’s is also being monitored for the disease,” reported Dallas News, “although he said he didn’t know the friend’s relationship. Others have said the patient being monitored is [Nina] Pham’s boyfriend.”

Reports claim Pham boyfriend is in isolation after Jeff George, CEO of Alcon in Fort Worth Texas where the boyfriend works, sent an e-mail out to his personnel advising those who may have had contact with the boyfriend to monitor themselves. The email indicates that the boyfriend was checked into a hospital back on Oct. 12.

“I am writing to make you aware that one of our Fort Worth associates was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. He is being monitored for potential signs and symptoms of the Ebola virus. The associate has not shown any signs of symptoms of the Ebola virus. After consultation with the Texas Department of Health, we are confident that there is no risk for Alcon associates,” wrote George.

The nurse was transferred to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland for further treatment after receiving an antibody-rich blood transfusion from Dr. Kent Brantly. NBC News cameraman Ashoka Mukpo and aid worker Dr. Rick Sacra have also received transfusions from Brantly.

The Dallas News reported on Oct. 8 that Pham is confronting “the deadly virus with the prayers of her family and friends — and the blood of an Ebola survivor coursing through her veins.”

Meanwhile, Pham's dog, a one-year-old King Charles Spaniel named Bentley, is being held for observation. After the dog of a nurse in Spain was euthanized, Bentley has become a household name as people take to Twitter and voice concerns that the dog may face the same fate.

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