Nina Dobrev and Chris Wood Hooking Up?

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Nina Dobrev and her new Vampire Diaries costar Chris Wood have been hanging out together a lot, and have even been spotted kissing when not on the Vampire Diaries set. So what's the scoop with these two? Are they hooking up?

Hollywood Life says yes.

"They are great friends who have hooked up on the recent times they have been out together but they are not currently looking to start a relationship. They are both very cool about it and it has not ruined working with each other or caused any issues," a source tells them.

Nina Dobrev, of course, dated costar Ian Somerhalder for quite some time, and things didn't turn out so well for them. Now that he is dating Nikki Reed, issues have flared yet again, with Nina Dobrev complaining about their PDA while on set.

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It seems even more likely that issues would arise from a hooking up situation than a relationship situation--don't you think? At least when a relationship ends there is often a bit of dignity that remains. Can the same be said for simply hooking up?

Might it even be possible that Nina Dobrev is hooking up with Chris Wood to get back at Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed? Or is she using these hook ups with Chris to feel better about their PDA? Either way it sounds like risky business, with her being the one who stands to lose to most.

What's your take on Nina and Chris? Might they one day be involved in a real relationship instead of just hooking up? Fans seem to like the two of them together, and have already dubbed the pair 'Woodbrev.'

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