Nina Dobrev Admits to Being A 'Snaughler,' But What Is That?

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Nina Dobrev admitted recently that she is a 'snaughler.' Okay. But what the heck is a snaughler? It isn't found in the dictionary. It doesn't seem like one of those new, hip words that emerge every year or so.

The Vampire Diaries star claims she is among a certain breed of people who snort and laugh every time they find something to be funny. Apparently 'to snaughle' is to do exactly that--snort and laugh when something is funny. Those who do so are from this point forward referred to as 'snaughlers.'

Nina Dobrev made her bold admission via her WhoSay page.

Nina apparently enjoyed lots of laughs at a Halloween party in Beverly Hills--at the home of Mike Meldman--on Friday night. In fact, she laughed so hard (hopefully not because she drank so much) she needed a man's assistance getting to her car. That man wore white face paint. Nina Dobrev wore all black for the masquerade bash that was hosted by Rachel Zalis, a noted fashion guru.

Something Nina hasn't been laughing about recently is the relationship between her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder and his new girlfriend Nikki Reed. In fact at one point, Nina even said she wanted Nikki banned from the Vampire Diaries set because her presence was making her uncomfortable. Producers were ready to oblige. Recently, however, Nina has reportedly spent lots of time talking with BFF Jessica Szohr, who also went through a similar split. Szohr dated her Gossip Girl costar Ed Westwick for more than two years. She understands perfectly what Nina Dobrev is going through.

“It’s really great for Nina to have someone to talk to that can understand what she’s going through with Ian. Jessica had to work with Ed when they were broken up so she totally gets all the weird feelings that go with it," a source told Hollywood Life. “She’s friends with Nikki too so she’s trying not to take sides. She’s working on getting them to talk things out and make up but she’s not pushing; she’s definitely on Team Nina if it came down to that.”

Do you suppose that one day Nina Dobrev will 'snaughle' over the whole ordeal with Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed? Probably not. But hopefully she will at least be able to look back on the situation with far less animosity.

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