Nikki Reed Designs Dog Accessories For ASPCA

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Nikki Reed has designed a new line of dog accessories.

Reed, one of the stars of Twilight , teamed up with Found My Animal to create a unique line of dog accessories to benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

The limited-edition pieces were unveiled during an event in West Hollywood on Tuesday, September 30. The items, which include a leather collar ($56) and leash ($62), became available for purchase in early October, and are sold on the retail website

While at the event, Reed opened up about the cause that she cares deeply about to Us Weekly.

"As long as I can remember, I've been donating and volunteering for the ASPCA or local shelters,' Reed explained. "I couldn't be more excited that Gilt wants to shine a light on animal adoption, and I love what Found My Animal stands for."

Reed is the proud owner of two German Shepherds, Enzo and Ira, and loves to foster adult dogs and cats while they wait for their forever loving homes.

"I pick up dogs on the kill list, bring them to my house, and rehab them," Reed said. "Puppies get adopted faster, so my priority is always adult dogs and cats."

Caring for animals has always been one of Reed's passions, and she takes pride in being able to help them in any way possible. "Acting is my profession ... my craft. It inspires me," she said. "[Caring for animals] is like my second job. It's my other passion."

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