Nikki Haley: Governor and Bad Mother-Shut-Yo-Mouth

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On Wednesday, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina gave the people of her state reason to think twice about crossing her.

After Haley was presented with an honorary 4th degree black belt by Donna Smith from the state's largest tae kwon do tournament, she broke a board with an open-handed punch. She even posted about it on her Facebook page.

Recently, Haley's husband, Capt. Michael Haley, returned home from Afghanistan.

"Seeing him, I felt like I took my first breath in a year," Haley said. "I think we will just appreciate this Christmas more because you truly do understand your blessings. When you know you could lose a loved one and to think of that every day, it reminds you truly to be thankful for what you have, and it really helps you understand that a lot of the small things don't matter."

Wednesday was the first time Capt. Haley spoke of his service in the Helmand provice of Afghanistan. While his unit was deployed, there were tense moments like when an explosive device hit his convey not once, but twice. Luckily, no one on his agricultural support team were injured.

Wednesday also brought about criticism of the Palmetto State's governor. The 2013 report card from the state's democratic leader gave Haley D's and F's on 11 matters, according to Carolina Live.

Jamie Harrison, chairman for the South Carolina Democratic Party, says that his state continues to fall further behind in education, economic mobility and safety for women.

"We need a governor for all the people of South Carolina, not just one segment of the population, but all of the people of South Carolina. These things are just systematic of the larger issue that we don't have real leadership in this state," said Harrison.

Good thing Harrison isn't made of wood.

Governor Haley had previously declared the last Saturday of September as Tae Kwon Do Day in South Carolina. Her new black belt is emblazoned with her name in both English and Korean.

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