Nielsen Report: American Viewing Behavior


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The latest Nielsen cross-platform report shows that Americans are watching more than 33 hours of video per week. Over 90% of viewers are subscribing to pay services for their television content but even more interesting is that over 75% are also paying for broadband service. In fact, pay television services and internet broadband subscriptions have risen over 5% in the last year.

Actually this makes a lot of sense. As consumers choose to spend more time at home to save money, they need to be entertained. Over five million homes have broadband only connections meaning they aren't paying for television programming. this is an increase of almost 23% since 2010. I think this also makes a lot of sense. Save some money, most content is available online somewhere. Sometimes you just have to wait a week or two to see your favorite show.

So that's what Nielsen had to report. The internet just seems to get more popular every year and consumers continue to spend more on home entertainment like satellite, broadband, and wi-fi despite less than ideal economic conditions. It's no surprise. As fuel gets more expensive, why not pay to bring the entertainment to you.