Nicole Scherzinger Talks Album, Bulimia, Self-Esteem

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Nicole Scherzinger, former member of the Pussycat Dolls, is working on the final details of a new album that will come out in 2015. In a recent interview with People, she says writing Big Fat Lies was like 'therapy.' The former X-Factor judge opened up about many things from her past that her present fans might be surprised to learn.

Scherzinger first revealed that she once had an eating disorder a few years back. She suffered for eight years from bulimia.

"I wasn't enough, that I wasn't pretty, that I was fat, and that I wasn't worthy of more," she says of living that horror.

"I'm in a different place in my life now," she adds. "I feel a bit more confident and comfortable in my own skin to be able to talk about things that I hadn’t talked about before."

Writing the songs on Big Fat Lies was almost cathartic for Nicole Scherzinger.

"It's a very personal album to me," she said in another recent interview. "It's a transitional album, and it's very honest and authentic."

One of the songs from Big Fat Lies, called 'Run,' was released as a single a few weeks ago.


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Nicole Scherzinger believes people will relate to the honesty that emanates from the songs on her album.

“It feels good to be truthful, because not everyone’s perfect," she says.

"Everyone always has these pre-conceived notions that you're glamorous, you don't have any problems, you don't have any issues, and we all battle with our own issues," she adds.

It sounds like Nicole Scherzinger's new album might be not only entertaining, but beneficial as well, to many people who have suffered similar issues. Sometimes just knowing that healing took place during the writing of said songs makes listeners delve even deeper into their meaning--perhaps even finding their own healing within the lyrics and the tune.

Will you be checking out Nicole Scherzinger's album, Big Fat Lies, when it is released in 2015? Might Nicole have a Grammy-winning album on her hands?

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