Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Gym Antics, Opens Up About Eating Disorder


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Nicole Scherzinger has a jaw-dropping figure, and she's undeniably beautiful.

Although the 36-year-old singer-actress admits that it takes a gratuitous effort to maintain her incredible body, she never backs down from the challenge!

However, she insists fans would probably be a bit surprised to know that her actual workouts aren't nearly as sexy as it would appear in a music video.

According to Cover Media, the "Whatever U Like" singer made an appearance on the British talk show Lorraine, where she dished about her hilarious gym antics.

"People at my hotel must be cracking up!" she quipped. “They think it’s glamorous, but you see me in the gym and I look crazy; I’m all sweating, huffing and puffing and turning red. You have to work hard to get results!”

The Killer Love singer also revealed that she's definitely no stranger to hard work. Scherzinger has reportedly surmounted a number of tough obstacles in her life. Back in 2012, Scherzinger went public about her eight-year battle with bulimia. Although she's much healthier now, she still thinks it's important to discuss her past and how she's managed to overcome her struggle with the debilitating eating disorder.

“I didn’t give up. I have a very strong faith and an amazing family. Nobody’s perfect, people would look at me and I’d think, ‘You don’t know half the story, you have no idea.’ I had the courage to speak out because I realized I could help other people,” she explained.

“Everybody gets in that dark headspace and you have to fight back. I threw myself back into my music, stuff that builds my confidence.”

Now that her health battle is an issue of the past, Scherzinger is looking forward to focusing on her music career. She's currently promoting her new single, "Your Love." The song, which was released on May 30, is the first single from her upcoming second studio album. No release date has been announced for the new album, as of yet.

Image via Nicole Scherzinger, Facebook