Nicole Kidman Served as Leah Remini's "Guardian Angel" Following Scientology Defection

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Nicole Kidman served a huge role in Leah Remini's defection for the Church of Scientology, and strangely enough, the two have never met.

In her new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Leah Remini refers to Nicole Kidman as her "guardian angel."

"During this confusing early period, I sometimes felt adrift," Leah Remini writes in her book. "But I had one figure I kept front and center in my mind to keep from going crazy: Nicole Kidman. That’s right, Tom Cruise’s ex was my guardian angel. Although I never met her or attempted to meet her, I thought about her a lot."

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"While I stared at the dark ceiling at night, unable to sleep, I would say to myself, 'Remember Nicole Kidman,'" Remini wrote in her book. "'She was declared an SP and left the church, and she’s doing okay. Her career is still going, and she has a husband and family…Just remember Nicole Kidman. She left and she’s okay…'"

Nicole Kidman was, of course, married to Scientology's most famous celebrity, Tom Cruise. Since her defection from the "church," she has had little to no communication with the two children she adopted with Cruise.

Nicole Kidman went on to find love again and to start a new family, too. She married country singer Keith Urban and the couple has two daughters together.

In Leah Remini's book, she writes that Nicole Kidman was called an SP--or Suppressed Person--by daughter Isabella Cruise shortly after leaving the Church of Scientology. Leah Remini was adamant her own daughter would experience no such thing.

Leah Remini also reminded Nicole Kidman's children that Kidman was still their mom, despite their feelings about Scientology.

Surely Nicole Kidman knows by now that she served as Leah Remini's guardian angel.

Do you suppose the two will one day meet in person to discuss their painful pasts?

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