Nicole Kidman Gives Tour Of Her Australian Farm, Answers Personal Questions

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Nicole Kidman looked flawless on the latest cover of Vogue in a sequined top and her blonde hair swept to the side.

But, the most entertaining facet of Nicole Kidman's photo spread with Vogue was her participation in their famous 73-question interview.

Vogue joined Nicole Kidman on the Australian farm that she shares with her husband, country singer Keith Urban, and their two daughters, Sunday Rose, 7, and Faith, 4.

The farmhouse that Nicole Kidman calls home was simpler than many famous movie stars' abodes.

That goes for what Nicole Kidman holds high in value, as well.

When Nicole Kidman was asked about her favorite part of living on a farm, she said it was the "simplicity", the "air", and the "peace" that go along with it.

When Nicole Kidman walked through the stunning kitchen and dining area of her home, she tripped on a toy, which prompted her interviewer to ask about the best and worst part of being a mom.

Nicole Kidman said the best thing about motherhood is "everything -- the love, the joy, the purpose," and the worst thing to her would be "knowing I won't be here forever so I won't always be able to take care of them."

About her husband, Nicole Kidman admitted that she didn't like country music much before she met him.

She said, “I didn’t know him so I couldn’t really be a fan, but now, I’m his biggest fan.”

Didn't Nicole Kidman look amazing and happy in her interview?

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