Nicole Kidman: Did She Overdo the Botox Treatments?

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Nicole Kidman is coming under serious scrutiny since walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival where she touted her upcoming film Grace of Monaco. Ironically, she wasn't scrutinized for her role as Grace Kelly, but rather for her Botox facial filler treatments. Kidman has reported in the past that she wished she'd been a bit more subtle with her treatments, and per the comments heard about the actress at Cannes, it's a sure bet she should have been.

The wife of country singer and American Idol judge Keith Urban, the very lovely Kidman startled fans at Cannes with her unusually smooth and wrinkle free face. She also exhibited a slightly puffy look.

“Nicole has put filler on top of filler. She wishes she’d been more subtle,” a source reported to the British magazine Closer.

It seems that celebrity plastic surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe thinks Kidman has undergone a very specific cosmetic procedure.

"It looks like Nicole has had a V-lift – a type of filler that’s injected into the cheek and lifts up the face,” he explained. “She appears to have had fillers in her eyebrows, as they look raised. She has no expression, which could be down to too much Botox.”

Mark said pretty much the same thing about Nicole Kidman's fellow Australian singing star Kylie Minogue, who recently made a public appearance with an unusually arched right eyebrow. She, too, admitted to having tried Botox.

“When you have too much Botox, it changes the positioning of the eyebrow, which seems to have happened here with Kylie,” he added. “I’d say she’s probably had fillers, too. She just doesn’t look natural.”

Nicole Kidman is a beautiful woman. Why on earth she doesn't simply allow herself to age naturally is no doubt beyond most people's realm of understanding. When someone is as naturally pretty as she has always been, they will likely age with a certain grace and beauty that lasts a lifetime. When people who have had Botox or other cosmetic procedures continue their aging they take on an unreal appearance--akin to a clown or a scary creature.

Have you seen Nicole Kidman recently? Can you see how her features have changed recently because of these treatments?

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