Nicolas Cage Turns 49, Reddit Celebrates Their OneTrueGod

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If you spend a little while on reddit (or browse AllReddits), you're bound to come across a strange subreddit or two. Some of them are awful, just awful. They know who they are. Some are wonderful (I just landed on r/fiftyfifty yesterday, it's like flipping a coin with the devil). And some, well, some are indescribably wonderful for reasons you can't quite articulate.

One such subreddit is r/onetruegod, a subreddit entirely devoted to Nicolas Cage. Yes, he's their one true god. Every submission is Nicolas Cage based. It's a truly spectacular place.

As you would expect, r/onetruegod is currently celebrating Cage's birthday with some great photoshop jobs. I present to you, the one true god in all his glory:

[via makeheadlines]

[via nwcolbert]

[via egoslam]

[via PrustenPatel]

[via mexifro218]

And for your entertainment, the best Nic Cage video on the entire internet. Happy birthday you crazy, amazing man.

[lead image via bballer1304]
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