Nicki Minaj Actually Ends A Feud Instead of Prolonging It

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When you look up the words "Nicki Minaj" and "feud," you rarely find anything about peace being brokered between the pop star and those she's at odds with. While the Nicki/Mariah hubbub predominated the topic, there were other feuds connected to the American Idol judge(?). Well, it appears as if she can cross one of these beefs off of her list, thanks to "clear the air" meeting with Hot 97 DJ, Peter Rosenberg.

The feud started last summer, when, during the Hot 97 Summer Jam, Rosenberg said Minaj's music wasn't "real" hip-hop. From there, the two took to the social media airwaves to talk poorly about one another. Well, mainly Nicki, but social media was involved. Fast forward to 2013, and Minaj agreed to appear on Rosenberg's show to officially put the spat to bed. Naturally, the radio station videotaped the entire thing and put it up on YouTube.

It's worth nothing that since the video was posted two days ago (5/28/2013), it has already amassed over 300,000 views, which means people really seem to care about these meaningless feuds. During the make-up session, both sides spoke their piece, with Rosenberg indicating he was not trying to personally attack Minaj, while she responded with, "It’s water under the bridge. I mean it’s so long ago. I can’t even act like I care anymore."

Of course, the "peace pipe offering" mood of this particular meeting did not stop Minaj from taking an additional stab at Rosenberg by saying, "I just don't know your resume. I never found you funny, I never found you entertaining, I never found you smart. I just found you annoying." With that in mind, it's doubtful Rosenberg and Minaj will be singing "Kumbaya" together anytime soon.

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