Nick Saban Goes On Rampant Spree of Photobombs


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Coach Nick Saban may be ethical according to the state of Alabama, but that hasn't stopped him from going on a rampant spree of photobombs.

The government of Alabama, according to Dr. Saturday, requires all public employees who make more than $75,000 a year to file a form with the state ethics commission. Lucky for Saban, he got his in right before the deadline of April 30th. Otherwise he'd be forced to pay the crippling fine of ten dollars for every day late.

But does that ethical report include anything on photo-bombing? Probably not, which is why Saban feels he has free reign to jump in people's photos wherever he wants.

Most infamously, Saban jumped in the photo of Mike Evans' family during the NFL draft:

He didn't stop there. Saban also terrorized a graduating student with another photo bomb:

One could say the awkward photos began last month when Saban visited the Alabama gymnasts entering NCAA championships. The visit was mostly normal. According to, Saban gave some words of encouragement: "You have to focus on the moment that you are in, whatever you're doing today, whatever you're doing right now to prepare yourself, so that you have the best chance to be successful and take advantage of the opportunity that you have. And it is an opportunity, so it should be a fun thing." He also had this photo taken:

Sam Cooper of Dr. Saturday described Saban in the photo as having "that classic 'I’m not sure what to do with my hands' thing". Apparently, the coach had such a good experience being awkward in that photo, he decided to make a habit of it.

Image via Wikimedia Commons