Nick Lachey, Wife Vanessa Get In a Car Crash on Date Night


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Nick Lachey has a reminder for everyone – always buckle up, even when you're in an Uber.

Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa were involved in a car wreck while out for date night.

The former 98 Degrees singer and current host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz Instagrammed the damage to the Uber car – which was pretty substantial.

"A word of advice.....always wear your seatbelt when you @uber There is no such thing as a guaranteed safe ride. #datenight," he wrote.

Neither him not Vanessa were injured in the crash. He confirmed the two were ok on Twitter, taking the opportunity to once again remind everyone to always buckle up.

Glad everyone's safe. And he's right. Not wearing a seatbelt is about the dumbest thing a person can do – Uber, cab, or otherwise. You never know who's driving you.