Nick Gordon's "Stepdad" Weighs In On Bizarre Dr. Phil Interview/Intervention

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Nick Gordon's appearance on Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil has had everyone talking as the shock from his actions continues to resonate.

Nick Gordon accepted help offered by Dr. Phil and is reportedly now in rehab dealing with his addiction issues and the tragedy involving his girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

In fact, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Nick Gordon's "stepdad", Jack Walker, Jr., confirmed that he is still in rehab and he also weighed in on Nick Gordon's appearance.

When Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson asked about what made him the most upset about Nick Gordon's Dr. Phil intervention, he said, "How much pain he's in. Every day."

He added, "It hurts a lot, seeing him in pain. [Nick Gordon] not wanting to go forward because he's hurt so bad… It's hard for him each day. He doesn't know if he can make it another day. It's getting harder and harder."

When he was asked what he sees in Nick Gordon during his Dr. Phil appearance, Walker is pretty clear.

"He's out of control right now. He's hurt," Walker stated.

He added, "He's hitting rock bottom with this."

Rock bottom is one thing, but does he think Nick Gordon will be able to pull it together? The concern is especially strong if Bobbi Kristina loses the fight for her life.

"If something happens to Bobbi Kristina… if she doesn't pull through then I will fear for my son's life," Walker admitted.

Bobbi Kristina is three hours away from Nick Gordon as she lies in a hospital bed in the medically-induced coma she has been in for over 40 days. Things don't look great for her survival, let alone a full recovery, so hopefully Nick Gordon can get the help he needs in rehab.

Nick Gordon will need to be a stronger, more stable person no matter which way Bobbi Kristina's life goes.

What did you think about Nick Gordon's appearance on Dr. Phil?

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