Nick Cannon Reveals 'Harshest' Part Of Mariah Carey Split


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Nick Cannon has been making headlines ever since he and his estranged wife, Mariah Carey, separated.

Of course, Nick has been accused of cheating on the Elusive Chanteuse singer, which led to all of the separation and divorce rumors.

However, he quickly refuted the claims. But, other than denying the rumors about his alleged affairs, he hasn't revealed any details about the problems in his marriage. Now, he's speaking out.

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, the America's Got Talent host chatted with HuffPost Live where he shared some interesting details about their highly-publicized split.

He also revealed the "harshest" challenge he's faced with the disheartening situation.

"Public opinion is the harshest thing about it," Nick revealed. The 34-year-old actor comedienne expressed his disdain for the public's need to dissect his every move in regards to such a private matter.

"Every family, every relationship, all these people go through things and they deal with it the way that they choose to deal with it. But to have someone judging the way you're dealing with your personal life is always like, 'Hey, that's a little harsh.' But I also know what I signed up for," he said.

Although he doesn't prefer the media's scrutiny, he revealed he knows exactly how to deal with it.

"If someone asks me a question, I know how to answer it. If I have to say, 'At this time I'd rather not say that,' or misdirect, it is what it is," Cannon said. "But it's truly, at the end of the day, it's all about why these people feel or why the public feels like they need information and you have to tell them."

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey publicly announced their split in August of 2014. They tied the knot on April 30, 2008. Three years later on their wedding anniversary, she gave birth to their two children - fraternal twins, Monroe and Moroccan.