Niagara Falls "Frozen", Attracts Brave Tourists

Lacy LangleyLife

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Niagara Falls' frozen appearance is a rare and surreal sight to behold.

Brave tourists are flocking to both sides of Niagara Falls' frozen cascades to see the icy wonderland created by deep layers of ice.

However, Niagara Falls' frozen appearance is somewhat deceiving.

There is still plenty of water churning underneath Niagara Falls' frozen top layers.

Reportedly, the mist that escapes from Niagara Falls' freezing waters immediately freezes on whatever it touches creating a sparkling wonderland that attracts lovers of all things winter and whimsical.

Nearby trees and benches are said to be coated in the frozen mists.

The familiar roar has been muffled, but it's still there.

Niagara Falls' frozen appearance is apparently worth getting out in unthinkable temperatures to see.

In fact, temperatures have dropped recently to 13 degrees below zero, and wind chills are sometimes at 25 degrees below zero.

But that doesn't stop those who are desperate enough (or bored enough, or brave enough) to go out and get a glimpse of Niagara Falls frozen.

There have been more visitors this week to Niagara Falls than normal.

Ok, some people really love winter and snow, fires and hot chocolate, ice and sparkles. But do you really love it enough to trek through below freezing temperatures and endure windchills that make me cold just thinking about them?

Not me. Not today.

Would you bundle up and go see Niagara Falls frozen?

Lacy Langley
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