NFL Inching Slowly Toward More Free Streams

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(Legally) streaming NFL games isn’t easy to do – especially if you don’t have a cable subscription. Of all the major sports, the National Football League has been the hardest to find online.

This could be changing – ever so slowly – as CBS has announced a new NFL streaming venture that will see two regular season games streamed for free. No cable authentication required.

The October 4th, 9:30am ET game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins will be streamed live on laptops, desktops, tablets, and select Connected TV devices including Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Roku TV. Why so early? That’s one of this year’s London games.

CBS will also stream the Thanksgiving Day game between the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. That kicks off at 4:30pm ET on November 26th.

CBS will also stream the AFC playoffs – but the network did that last year. Super Bowl 50 will be streamed, as well.

“We’re very excited to offer more NFL ON CBS streaming coverage across more digital platforms than ever before,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CBS Sports Digital. “All NFL fans will have access through their computers, tablets and now Connected TVs to two regular season games for the first time in addition to all of the AFC playoff action, culminating with a truly historic Super Bowl.”

This is the first time the NFL on CBS has ever live-streamed regular season games, but it’s not the first deal made to stream a regular season game. Yahoo won that honor earlier this year, buying the rights to stream the London game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills.

And Yahoo reportedly paid a pretty penny for the privilege.

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