Nexus Prime Release Teased With Unpacked Trailer?

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Although it seems like the world will be wrapped up in Apple-land and iPhone 4S / 5 drama for the foreseeable future (and let's face it, it probably will be), there is another big event on the horizon.

Samsung's mobile event "Unpacked" is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 11th in San Diego. Invitations went out last week touting that this was the "Google Episode," and saying that the event would give interested parties a "look at what's new from Android."

This has many speculating that the next Google smartphone, the Nexus Prime, is set to be unveiled at the event. The rumored device is said to come with a dual core processor, a huge 4.5 inch screen and 4G LTE.

The other big unveiling that might happen at this event - Ice Cream Sandwich, Android's new OS. Ice Cream Sandwich will unify Android Gingerbread OS and Honeycomb OS, the mobile and tablet OS' respectively. Many hope that that Nexus Prime will be announced as the first device running Ice Cream Sandwich.

On Tuesday, just hours after the Apple iPhone 4S event, this teaser trailer for the Unpacked event hit the interwebs -

Could the "something big" be the long-rumored Nexus Prime? Possibly a new tablet? Whatever it is, it definitely looks curved - way curved.

The YouTube comments show a pretty excited user base, most saying that this is most definitely the Nexus Prime. One commenter takes the opportunity to poke fun at yesterday's Apple event and the 4S:

They were originally going to go with 'Something INCREMENTAL is coming!' but decided that would be moronic because why would anyone hype up some small incremental change?

In all seriousness, this event could be big for all involved - as Apple has just put all their cards on the table. With some disappointed with Apple for not unveiling an iPhone 5, could this be perfect timing for a giant Android event? We'll just have to wait and see what they announce next Tuesday.

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