Nextech AR Integrates Microsoft Azure Across Its Products

Nextech AR has announced it is integrating Microsoft Azure across its virtual experience platforms and applications....
Nextech AR Integrates Microsoft Azure Across Its Products
Written by Matt Milano
  • Nextech AR has announced it is integrating Microsoft Azure across its virtual experience platforms and applications.

    Nextech AR provides a wide range of augmented reality (AR) and virtual experience technologies (VXT). Augmented reality has become an increasingly important technology, especially for marketers and e-commerce, allowing individuals to visualize how something will look.

    Similarly, VXT has experienced major growth, in large part as a result of the pandemic. Virtual experiences have supplanted in-person meetings for everything from work meetings to major industry conventions.

    Integrating Azure will allow Nextech AR to better scale its offerings, for both virtual and hybrid events.

    “We pride ourselves in offering truly scalable events and services for today’s digital age. With our existing data center, making quick changes to event size and scale was an involved process that required hardware changes and sometimes took weeks,” said Mark Pace, CTO, Virtual Experience Platform at NexTech AR, “By migrating our platforms onto Microsoft Azure, we can scale events at the cloud level, with the push of a button, enabling us to elevate our event and customer experiences simultaneously. Azure is a trusted, industry-leading solution with game-changing potential for the event and experience creation industry. Our customers have come to rely on our growing portfolio of products to provide next-level tools and services which makes cloud-computing integration a perfect addition.”

    “Azure, Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing platform is the gold standard and positions us perfectly for large enterprise customers who are looking for a convenient and reliable cloud-based computing platform. We see this as a major building block which is crucial to our business model as we look to expand the footprint of our virtual events and experiences,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech AR. He continues, “In 2020 we worked with notable organizations including Amazon, Northwell Health, Dell, Bell Canada, Grundfos, UNESCO, Restaurants Canada and Carnegie Mellon University to create virtual experiences and tools. In 2021 we now have the ability to offer Microsoft Azure to new and existing partners which will be instrumental to our growth as we look to build on our new client wins with new product offerings, and first-class customer service.”

    Nextech AR’s announcement is a big win for Microsoft, as it continues to battle for dominance in the cloud market.

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