Next Skyrim DLC Takes Players Back To Morrowind [Rumor]

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The last bit of Skyrim DLC to be released was a little disappointing. Hearthfire was a cool concept, but building your own home can't compare to new adventures in foreign lands. The new DLC for Skyrim looks to be a return to the kind of DLC that players yearn for.

The Skyrim PC community found some hidden secrets in the latest update to Skyrim that came out this week. The 1.8 update features files that hint at a new DLC called "Dragonborn" that will take the player back to Morrowind. In even more exciting news, it will also feature dragon mounts.

So what parts of Morrowind will the next DLC pack be visiting? The files contain quest markers for Solstheim, Telvanni, Castle Karstaag, Raven Rock and Miraak Temple. It's unknown if players will be able to freely explore the bits of Morrowind in this update, or if they will just go to certain closed off locations as part of the quest.

The DLC also references four new types of armor varieties - Bonemold, Chitin, Nordic and Stalhrim. Alongside the new armor, there are files for dragon riding animations including spell casting. Will the dragons be able to attack as well? There was a pretty amazing dragon mount mod for Oblivion that featured various elemental dragons with different attacks. Here's hoping Bethesda took inspiration from that mod for their current dragon mounts.

We'll probably hear more about the new DLC pack in the coming weeks. Bethesda usually throws these reference files into updates just before the official announcement. Whatever the next DLC is, it's free to come out on all three platforms at once as Microsoft only got the first two packs as exclusives. PS3 players may still be waiting even longer though.

[h/t: OXM UK]

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