Next Media Animation Tackles iPhone 5 Rumors

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In this latest video from the Taiwan animation news organization NMA, The ghost of Steve Jobs comes back to congratulate Darth Vader Tim Cook for stabbing a hippie in the back for literally sitting on the domain name Then, after seeing the size of Androids "phone" in the bathroom, Darth Tim Cook uses a penis pump to increase the size of the iPhone for the next release. Yep, That's what happens.

They touch on the fact that Apple has won injunctions to block HTC shipments to the U.S. And even cover the latest news that Siri prefers the Nokia Lumia when asked which smartphone is best. Darth Vader Tim Cook wastes no time in "silencing" the digital help AI.

They also manage to touch on Disney's rocky road in the eighties. I love a good opportunity to bash Disney, but I don't get this one. Disney rebounded in the late eighties, and Apple is far from going out of business since Steve Jobs death. Although, you could make the case that this is the last thing that Steve Jobs had a hand in designing, so maybe Apple just comes out with crap from now on. I kind of doubt it, though. Apple is a lot more than just Steve Jobs at this point.

It is true that Steve Jobs is rumored to have major input in the next design, which is to be larger and may have a metal rear panel similar to the iPad. Although I doubt a penis-pump had anything to do with the redesign. As far as a statement about Tim Cook's masculinity and whether or not Apple is involved in a pissing contest with Google, I'll leave that up to you.

This is not the first time we have seen Darth Vader represent Apple. Steve Jobs killed Billed Gates and donned the helmet in the last NMA video. That is, before he took a bunch of LSD and literally gave birth to a Macintosh.

Nor it is the first time we have seen NMA tackle Apple rumors. This parody video highlights the ridiculous fervor people put into Apple rumors, and some of the outrageous claims they come up with.

One thing is for sure: We are going to continue to watch NMA's zaniness, as they cover everything from the Facebook IPO to Sex Robots.

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