Next iPhone OS Rumored To Incorporate Facebook

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Here's a story - or more properly, a rumor - for the folks who are never more than five feet from their iPhones and don't let a day go by without signing into Facebook: the next iPhone operating system will supposedly feature a certain level of integration with the social network.

AppleDan Frommer wrote this afternoon, "Apple is building Facebook features into the latest version of its iPhone software, we're told by a plugged-in source in the mobile industry."

Then, in case you're wondering when this combination might be confirmed, Frommer continued, "These features could be announced during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 7, when Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone."

This would obviously be pretty huge for both companies.  In terms of users' reaction, they could expect almost universal applause.  Most investors and supporters would probably approve, too.  One interesting thing to remember, though, is that Microsoft has invested a substantial amount of money in Facebook.

It's also a little difficult not to wonder whether Apple, which has a reputation for being extraordinarily controlling, would effectively dedicate part of its product to another organization.

We'll be sure to provide an update as soon as any more significant details become available.