Next iPad Mini May Have A Retina Display [Rumor]

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The iPad Mini has not exactly been the big hit that Apple had hoped for. Perhaps one reason is that the device isn't technically on par with its competitors - the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. The iPad Mini is Apple's first try at this whole 7-inch table business, however, and the next one could be much better.

Digitimes reports that it's hearing word that the next iPad Mini will focus mainly on increasing the device's resolution. The current iPad Mini has a 1024x768 display - the same resolution found in the iPad 2. It's not yet known if Apple will utilize a retina display or other resolution boosting technology, but it's a good bet that the device will feature an HD resolution.

Since the launch of the iPad Mini, Apple has had to fend off ads from the likes of Amazon comparing its Kindle Fire HD to Apple's mini tablet. The main point of contention is that the iPad Mini just can't produce the HD visuals that other 7-inch tablets can produce. Apple has fired back claiming that the iPad Mini is more like a sidearm for those who are already own a 10-inch iPad.

Despite Apple's claims, the iPad Mini also needs to target those who are in the market for just one tablet. More and more people are gunning for 7-inch tablets for their portability and lower prices. It's hard to expect anybody beyond the already devout Apple follower to actually buy an iPad Mini when the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD offer similar, and even sometimes superior, experiences for a lower price. The addition of a retina display would help offset some concern that the iPad Mini isn't worth its asking price.

So, when we will see this rumored high definition iPad Mini? There's been no word yet on potential release dates, but Apple has already proven that it's willing to release new products within a year of the original's release. We could potentially see a new iPad Mini by the middle of next year instead of autumn.