Next Angry Birds Update is Russian-Themed

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Though the Angry Birds brand has embraced new seasons, movie tie-ins, and even Star Wars, all of the game series' success can be traced back to the original Angry Birds game. Released in 2009, the game dominated Apple's App Store games and has spawned a multi-million dollar brand with cartoons, plush toys, and even a movie. What's remarkable is that after over four years, Rovio is still supporting that original game with updates.

Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, this week announced that the next "episode" of the original Angry Birds game will have a Russian theme. Titled "Red's Mighty Feathers," the episode will feature 15 new levels that highlight the original Angry Bird - the Red Bird. The update will be pushed out to Angry Birds apps sometime in July.

To celebrate the announcement, Rovio held a concert in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The video below shows some of the festivities. Also, Rovio has put all of its Red Bird merchandise (including t-shirts, backpacks, hats, golf club covers, towels, headphones, umbrellas, lunch boxes, and flip flops) in its online store on sale.

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