New York Giants, Who's To Blame?

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The New York Giants had much promise and hope before the season started. The string of five losses for the 2013 season has dampened some of the enthusiasm for fans. The following video shows an overview of anticipated player performance considering both the offense and defense prior to the start of the season.

The team is filled with talented players where the performance for the season has been baffling. Though many can critique individual players or point fingers at the team's dynamics, Prince Amukamar offered his own insight.

Prince Amukamara, the cornerback for the team, spoke about the lack of cohesion the team has experienced during games.

"I mean the energy before we go out to the game, it seems like everybody is all in. It seems like we're about to go out and do something special, but all three phases of the team have to play together and it doesn't look like we did that [referring to game against the Eagles]. It didn't look like we finished," Amukamara said.

The following video shows a critique of the New York Giants where the plausibility of Coach Coughlin remaining for another season is debated.

The Giants coach, Tom Coughlin, echoed Amukamara's sentiments about the team not working as one collective unit while admitting that the head coach does ultimately receive the responsibility (and blame) when the team loses.

"I know that we're maligning my quarterback today and believe me, there's a bunch of people involved in that. Those things don't happen just one on one now. It's a team concept. Whether you have a pressure situation, whether you have somebody that comes loose in front of him and he tries to move, whether the receiver doesn't do what he's supposed to do, whether people don't come back for the ball whatever it is. It's a team game, and yes, the head coach is the guy that's responsible for the losses, and the players need to be there for each other in all circumstances and in this one, criticizing the quarterback for the outcome for everything there at the end of the game really is not right," Coughlin said.

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