New York Giants Get Their First Win


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After an embarrassing start to the season, the New York Giants have finally found a way to get their first win of the season. The Giants defeated a Vikings team that is also struggling. Eli Manning, the quarterback for the Giants, has had trouble finding the end-zone all year, and also has the most interceptions of any quarterback in the league. They finished the game with a final score of 23-7.

After starting the season 0-6, many people were wondering if the Giants would get a single win all season. They have finally done that with a win on Monday night, a team they were most likely to beat. While this does not say a lot for the Giants since the Vikings have also had troubling winning this season, it is a good first step. The Vikings lack almost all offense other than their all-star Adrian Peterson, and just recently signed quarterback Josh Freeman with the hopes of fixing their problem.

The Giants were efficient in their win, and did what they needed to do in order to beat a Vikings team that had only won one game all season. The defense stepped up, which really helped, holding Adrian Peterson to only 28 yards, just days after his son was tragically killed. After giving up a league high number of 209 points in the season, the Giants were able to force a defensive shutout and not allowing any offensive points in the game.

While some players could be completely drained based on a poor performance that they have given so far in the season, Manning has stayed strong and said after the win, "We just had to keep going, get rid of some of the mistakes and play the way we need to play."

Manning, who leads the league in interceptions, did not throw an interception all game. He finished the game 23 of 39 for 200 yards. The New York Giants had 3 takeaways to just one lost fumble in the game. The only points the Vikings were able to put up throughout the game were on a 86-yard punt return, which came late in the first quarter. The touchdown gave them the lead at the time.

Next week, the Giants play against the Eagles in a NFC East division match-up.

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