New York City Prison Guard Scandal Deepens

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Nancy Gonzalez, the New York City correctional officer who made news for conceiving a child with an inmate, is in the middle of yet another sex-scandal.

A few years after Gonzalez pleaded guilty for having sex with inmate Ronnel Wilson, who is behind bars for shooting a police officer in 2006, it's been revealed that she also had sexual relations with co-workers, supervisors, and another inmate at the Brooklyn jail where she works.

Frank Strada, who's also a correctional officer at the same facility, wrote a letter to the judge when Gonzalez was tried for having sex with Wilson, and said the people at their work place do a good job of maintaining proper conduct, it was just Gonzalez who was out of order.

She "knowingly placed her own personal desires above her professional duties," wrote Strada. "Ms. Gonzalez's betrayal has left many of her former co-workers feeling confused, angry and less safe in their daily job."

However, Gonzalez's lawyers said the sexual misconduct had everything to do with the young correctional officer being molested and sexually abused as a child, so some sort of sympathy should be given to her, and the co-workers and the supervisors she had sex with should be held accountable as well--since they took advantage of her fragile mental state.

Gonzalez's "inability to reconcile her sexual dysfunction was known to her supervisors at the Bureau of Prisons, two of whom took full advantage of her condition and engaged in sexual activity with her," wrote the defense lawyers.

"Given her high level of sexual promiscuity with employees at the was only a matter of time before Nancy Gonzalez would be involved sexually with a detainee at the MDC."

Currently, Wilson is on death row for the 2006 shooting and Gonzalez will be heading to jail next month, and it'll be interesting to see if and when others in the jail will be in trouble for sexual misconduct, because it doesn't look like Gonzalez is the only guilty party here.

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