New Windows 8 Ad Has Me Wishing Butt Ping-Pong Was A Real Sport

IT Management

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Microsoft's ads can be thoroughly confusing sometimes. Often enough, the ad has nothing to do with the product itself. This can lead to some really terrible ads. It can also lead to utter brilliance - as is the case with three recent ads for Windows 8.

Neowin reports that the official Windows 8 channel on YouTube recently uploaded three new ads as part of a new Windows 8 Training Camp campaign. The title would suggest that Microsoft is finally taking the hint that it needs to show consumers how to use Windows 8, but that's not the case. Instead, we get a series of bizarre ads featuring watermelon carving, butt ping-pong and high-speed makeup challenges.

It seems that Microsoft thinks these ads are too bizzarre itself as the company yanked them from its YouTube channel shortly after posting them. The above videos were grabbed before the originals were taken offline, and we can only salute Sharkaat84 for making sure everybody gets to enjoy what may be the most entertaining Windows 8 ads yet.