New Wii U Ads Urge Families to Upgrade


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The Nintendo Wii became an overnight success in 2006, and the console was hard to come by for nearly a year after its release. That hasn't been the case for the Wii U, which Nintendo has been struggling to sell since its release last fall.

The poor sales could be due to the confusing name or the general confusion seen in consumers, some of whom still believe the Wii U to be a tablet add-on for the original Wii. Another problem for Nintendo could be that the casual gamers the company enticed into gaming with the Wii simply don't see the value in the Wii U's updated graphics and new gameplay options.

Either way, Nintendo is failing to market its new console effectively. This week, Nintendo has put out new ads for the Wii U, hoping to highlight to families just why they need the new console. The ads feature real families invited to Nintendo of America headquarters to play Wiii U games and give their glowing opinions about the system. The praise seems genuine, but, as the fine text on the ads points out, the families were also paid for their kind words.