New Walking Dead: Episode 4 Trailer Released

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Zombie are everywhere in video games. From stand-alone zombie shooter titles to DLC content packs for just about every major games, zombies are becoming ubiquitous.

But even before the zombie hype train was barreling full-steam-ahead, The Walking Dead comics captured the fomenting zeitgeist and became a phenomenon, spawning a hit AMC TV series and now an episodic adventure video game. The latest episode for that video game, The Walking Dead: Episode 4, will be out soon, and today a preview trailer for the episode was released by Telltale Games.

Over at the PlayStation blog, Gary Whitta, author and writer for Episode 4, introduces his chapter of the story. From the blog post:

As the only writer outside of Telltale Games invited to contribute an episode to this incredible series, I’ve felt a great responsibility for this one to live up to the expectations of Walking Dead fans — particularly after the preceding three episodes have been so incredibly well received. But I think you’re going to like it. I was very fortunate that the overall narrative structure of this first season placed a lot of what I think are the most dramatically intense parts of the story in this chapter. It’s undoubtedly the biggest and most ambitious episode so far in terms of action, and the choices — well, if we’ve done our job right you’re going to hate us for some of the decisions this episode forces you to make. Episode 4 also introduces some brand new characters who should shake things up a bit, including one in particular that I’m very keen for you all to meet. Let’s just say that Lee’s group hasn’t encountered anyone quite like her before now.

From the look of the trailer, seen below, fans of the series will be getting even more gut-wrenching decisions to torment them.

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