New The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Trailer Shows Off "Battle Focus"


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Earlier this month, 2K Games released a gameplay trailer for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The trailer, titled "Battle Focus," focused on the tactical style of third-person shooting the game will feature, only offering a glimpse at the actual "Battle Focus" in-game feature. Today, 2K has released another trailer that focuses a little more explicitly on the "Battle Focus."

The trailer, titled "Call the Shots," shows that players will be able to have some limited control over their fellow NPC agents. Squadmates can be moved to cover positions in an interface that resembles XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The characters can also be told to shoot specific targets, throw mines, taunt enemies, set up turrets, and use a variety of different abilities. It appears to be a blend of the strict turn-based strategy of Enemy Unknown, mixed with the now-standard cover-based third person shooter mechanics popularized by the Gears of War games. The effect seems similar to Mass Effect or Dragon Age, where action gameplay is broken up by cooldown-based abilities.