New Super Mario Bros. U Gets A Launch Trailer

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The Wii U doesn't come out until November 18, but Nintendo is finally kicking the console's ad campaign into overdrive. We already saw the console's ad that showed off a number of first-party titles, but separate games have not received ads just yet. That all changes today with the Wii U's flagship title - New Super Mario Bros. U.

The trailer takes place in the same squared off fictional family rooms in which the first Wii U ad took place. Nintendo shows off some gameplay, but the company is obviously focusing on how much fun friends and family can have together while playing.

Nintendo was wise to emphasize the fact that players can continue playing the game on the Gamepad while somebody else uses the television. The ad aired this weekend at a movie theater and parents in the audience were talking about the Wii U after this specific feature was brought up. Nintendo may be onto something here if one feature can get parents talking about it.

It's two weeks away from the Wii U's launch, and Nintendo still has a lot of games to advertise. The system is launching with an absurd 23 launch titles. Granted, a majority of these titles are ports of older titles, but there are some original experiences to be had. For instance, Nintendo Land is going to be the company's big ticket game that it's hoping will sell parents on the Wii U experience just like Wii Sports did for the Wii in 2006. The company needs to release an ad that gets that point across to consumers that may be skeptical of the Wii U.

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