New Social Media Tool Helps Businesses Manage Facebook Pages

IT Management

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Social media start-up, mediafeedia has introduced a social media management tool aimed at businesses on Facebook.

 Users can create a mediafeedia account without having to download software and import their Facebook business pages they manage.  The pages will be added to the user's mediafeedia dashboard and synched with Facebook.


The dashboard features a selection of free, custom management functionalities for businesses on Facebook, including the ability to:

*Manage multiple Facebook fan pages from a single dashboard;

*Receive email notifications about comments on fan pages and respond directly via email;

*Schedule future wall posts for specific dates and times;

*Grant administrators access and permissions for specific pages.

“Through our research, we found that current social media management tools were lacking when it came to Facebook, especially for small-to medium-size businesses,” said Peter Buonaiuto Sr., president and founder of mediafeedia.

“We developed mediafeedia to offer a feature-rich experience that is easy to use for virtually any business.”