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Google announced today that it has released a new Site Speed report, with "all the key metrics" in an easy-to-read Overview report.

"The Overview report provides an at-a-glance view of essential information for measuring your site’s page loading metrics: Avg. Page Load Time by Browser, Country/Territory, and Page," explains Google's Mustafa M. Tikir. "Plus you can compare your site’s average performance over time to forecast trends and view historical performance. All of these tools can help you identify where your pages may be underperforming and adjust so more visitors land on your site instead of waiting in frustration or leaving."

"Previously there was only one Site Speed report, this has been renamed to 'Page Timings'", adds Tikir. "On the Page Timings report, you can view your site's load times in three ways: use the Explorer tab to explore average load time across dimensions, use the Performance tab to see how the load times break down by speed ranges, or use the Map Overlay tab to see how the load times breakdown by geography."

site speed overview

Google notes that it has also updated the Intelligence Reports to include average site load times and all Page Timings metrics.

In addition to all of this, sites with less than 10,000 visits per day can increase the site speed sample rate up to 100% and get full samples for page load time.

Note that speed is now a ranking factor in Google.

These aren't the only improvements Google announced for Analytics this week. On Tuesday, the company announced that new Social Reports are on the way.

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