New Portable Charger Gives You "Several Weeks" Of Charges

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"It's like having a plug in your pocket," says Mouli Ramani of Lilliputian Systems. "This new power system will transform how consumers use their CE devices."

For everyone that has run out of juice halfway through the day, and for everyone that has seen their smartphones flicker and fade away just when they needed it most - a new partnership between tech company Lilliputian Systems and specialty retailer Brookstone might make you pretty happy.

The two companies have just announced a new portable charging system, designed, developed and manufactured by Lilliputian and sold and marketed by Brookstone. The device will be named under the Brookstone brand.

The portable fuel cell is about as big as a "thick smartphone," according to CNET, and contains recyclable cartridges that are about the size of a Zippo. The cartridges are made of plastic and filled with lighter fluid, which is what powers the charging. Although there's no word yet on total pricing of the portable device, the cartridges will run you a few buck a piece.

"Today's Smartphones use much more power, increasing the need for a more efficient way to recharge when on the go," said Steven Schwartz, Vice President of Merchandising and Product Development at Brookstone. "Lilliputian's groundbreaking technology provides power, wherever and whenever you need it. This breakthrough aligns well with our commitment to innovative solutions that make life easier."

Charging on the go is always a pain, as most everyone is well aware. The good thing about this new portable device is that it obviously does not need an outlet, and it works with any USB-enabled device. That means smartphones, tablets, iPods, ereaders, etc. can all be charged by this new device. Each cartridge will give an iPhone, for instance, around a dozen full charges. Depending on how much you're playing Words with Friends and surfing the interwebs, that could mean anywhere from 2-3 weeks without ever having to plug your device into the wall.

The new technology has already been approved by both the UN International Civil Aviation Organization and the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Naturally, that means that you'll be able to carry them on your plane.

Lilliputian Systems, an MIT spin-off company, just recently got into the manufacturing game. If their product works as well as advertised, they're going to be incredibly busy.

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