New Orleans Saints Back in Business?


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It was a loud night in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. After dealing the Miami Dolphins a night of destruction, clenching a 38-17 victory, the Saints are beginning to turn heads and raise questions of optimism. Since their first three contenders weren't ranked statistically satisfactory on the overall depth charts, Monday night's win put a different spin on things.

The Saints and Dolphins both entered Monday night's game with a 3-0 undefeated record. Topping the AFC East standings in conjunction with the Patriots, the Dolphins were a highly anticipated competitor for the Saints. The game was expected to serve as a tell-tale sign as to whether both teams have just gotten lucky so far, or whether their the real deal. The game could have served as the first challenging road block for the Saints, however, the script was flipped on the Dolphins instead.

With head coach Sean Payton's return since his season-long suspension last year, the spirit of Saints football has definitely been brought back to life. However, last night proved that the Saints may really be back.

The Saints' offense took reign in last night's game boasting a line of veteran players with seven years of continuity. Quarterback Drew Brees, RB Pierre Thomas, and WR Marques Colston were all apart of the winning dynamic for the 2010 Super Bowl Saints, and it looks as though they're playing with that same tenacity. But, this time around, they've brought TE Jimmy Graham, and RB Darren Sproles into the equation, which only adds fuel to the fire. With a glint of that same potential championship winning dynamic, Graham and Sproles carried a lot of weight during the first four games.

Last night, Graham who was locked down by two defenders during the majority of the game, still managed to complete two catches for a total of 73 yards. Both pass completions resulted in touchdowns. Brees also had an impressive night, executing that pass precision he's been lauded for. With a mere 39 pass attempts, Brees managed to accumulate 413 yards and four touchdowns, reported ESPN NFL Nation.

The Saints' offensive execution was no surprise, as their performance was more-less expected. However, the awe-factor came from the Saints' defense. Saints DE standouts, Cameron Jordan and Junior Galette lead the defense, making great strides in holding down Miami's offense throughout the course of the entire game.

With the tenacity displayed last night, the Saints definitely have the look of a well-developed group worthy of playoff potential, with the possibly of becoming a Super Bowl contender. However, only time will tell as the season progresses. Their upcoming battles between the No. 9 Chicago Bears (3-1) and the No. 4 New England Patriots (4-0) will surely paint the picture.
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