New NBA "Has Handle" T-Shirts Feature Twitter Handles


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Have you ever wanted to show the world who your favorite NBA players is? Normally, you buy a jersey to do that, but what if you want to show the wold who your favorite player is, along with any pertinent Twitter information connected to that player? Well, the NBA now has t-shirts allowing you to do just that.

Introducing the NBA's "Has Handle" line of t-shirts, one that playfully toys with the phrase normally reserved for dribbling excellence, altering it to fit the world of Twitter. As pointed out by, the t-shirts feature the player's number, and instead of using the player's last name--the tradition for basketball jerseys--the design features the player's Twitter handle.

Get it?

Here's an example of the shirts, and for this one, we're featuring the dunking machine that is Blake Griffin:


Notice the hashtag on the front of the t-shirt? The NBA loves them some Twitter, clearly. Other players subjected to the "Has Handle" t-shirts are Jeremy Lin (@JLin7), Chris Paul (@CP3), Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5), Carmelo Anthony (@CameloAnthony), and Dwyane Wade (@DwyaneWade), and for the low, low price you can support your favorite player, and their Twitter account as well; or, as WithLeather puts it:

...the only upside I can see to them is how much more awkward it makes me going into a team store to ask for an awful player's merchandise and having to say his username outloud. "Uh, excuse me, you guys got any at-sign ianmahinmi shirseys?"

And yes, the "shirsey" misspelling is intentional.

The shirt(s) can be yours for 23.99.