New Myspace Opens Up To All (Especially Justin Timberlake Fans)

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After a few-month-long beta period, the big Myspace redesign is finally available to anyone and everyone who wishes to join. To sign up for a new Myspace account, you can either use your old Myspace credentials or log in via Facebook.

When the redesign was first teased back in September 2011, it had Justin Timberlake all over it. And why shouldn't it? Timberlake is without question the most famous celebrity investor in the company. The preview displayed the new profile look, entirely new side-scroll browsing, and music player all within the world of Timberlake.

So we shouldn't be surprised that the new Myspace opens up to the world right as Justin Timberlake drops a new single, right?

The new Myspace signup page features a suit and tie-clad Timberlake (looking sharp, we should add) and two buttons: "Join" and "Sign In." The landing page also says that "Justin Timberlake's long-awaited return to music is here...simply sign in to hear the first track from his forthcoming album."

Indeed, when you sign in (or sign up), you're once again met by Timberlake. There, you can play his new single "Suit & Tie" ft. Jay-Z.

Back in December I gave a first look at the redesign, which focuses heavily on music and discovery. I noted that it sports some elements from popular streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, but with a fairly robust social networking layer on top of it. It doesn't feel like any version of Myspace that you're familiar with - it really is a huge redesign of the UI. I thought that it looks pretty good, and functions equally as well.

The question wasn't in the execution, but whether people would jump back on the Myspace wagon. The network has been through a lot. But with Timberlake clearly throwing all of his weight behind it and tying the release of his new single to the site's grand re-opening, who knows?

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