New Magic Sweetener That's All Natural


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There's some good news out there for soda producers and drinkers. An obscure melon from China has given the soda industry a chance to create a sweetener that is both tasty and lacking negativity that comes with artificial ingredients.

The melon that everyone's talking about was once cultivated by Buddhist monks who used it to sweeten their tea.

The only downside about this fruit is the expensive price tag attached to the melon that grows to the size of an apple. It seems the high numbers are a reasonable price to pay for this wonder-melon that's yummy and zero calories.

Ali Dibadj, a Bernstein analyst who follows the soft drink industry thinks this miracle ingredient is something that the industry has been searching for and desperately needs.

This ingredient has been discovered at a perfect time since consumers have been switching from diet sodas to naturally sweetened drinks like juice and lemonade.

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