New Jaguars Uniforms Feature Military-Style Badge


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Following its recent reveal of a new logo, the Jacksonville Jaguars this week unveiled the NFL team's new uniform, which includes a "military-style badge" on the front of the jersey.

Unlike real Jaguars, the new uniform is mostly black, with teal and gold accents. There are stripes the team is calling "claw marks" on the shoulders and neckline of the jerseys. The helmet has a color gradient from gold on the back to black on the front. The team stated that the new uniform features an "aggressive, modern design." It also emphasized that the badge on the front is an explicit call-out to the team's "hard working military fan base."

“These uniforms balance our tradition with the future” said Shahid Khan, owner of the Jaguars. “The military-style badge on the front of the jersey speaks directly to the strong relationship we have with our hometown of Jacksonville. These new uniforms leave no doubt about our brand essence of being proud, bold and committed. I believe our new look will energize and inspire both our players and fans. It’s clearly a new era for the Jacksonville Jaguars.”