New iPhone Rumor: Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Appears On Japanese Website

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Today must be iPhone 5 leaks day as images and video of Apple's next iPhone are flooding in from everywhere. With a rumored late September launch, it only makes sense that Apple would be manufacturing the iPhone 5 right now. Thanks to that, we have what appears to be the first images of a fully assembled iPhone 5.

Japanese Web site iLab Factory got their hands on the parts that make up the new iPhone. What did they do with it? They built the iPhone 5. What they found is that all the previous rumors are turning out to be true including the longer screen and the smaller dock connector.

Here's the front of the phone with the smaller dock connector clearly visible:

New iPhone 5

The back of the phone has a new finish that's definitely smoother and sexier than the current 4S model:

New iPhone 5

Here's a close up of the side with power and volume buttons looking especially nice with the new design:

New iPhone 5

We'll find out if these images are a real representation of the new iPhone soon enough. Apple will reportedly be holding an event in September to announce the iPhone 5. If these images are real, Apple will undoubtedly have another hit on their hands.

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