New iPad Wi-Fi Problems Could Be Software Related

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I reported last week that Apple was now replacing new iPads that had issues with wireless reception. In a leaked memo it was made clear that Apple wanted the devices back so that it could investigate the cause of the issue. Until Apple discovers and acknowledges the cause of the issue we won't know for sure what's causing it, but at least one person has an opinion on the matter.

Aaron Vronko, the CEO of a large Apple repair shop and supplier, thinks the problem could be a software issue. In an interview with Computerworld, Vronko stated that the problems were most likely not the iPad's hardware. They quote Vronko: "If this was hardware related, it could almost certainly have to be an error in assembly or failure in the chip itself."

Vronko gets more specific, narrowing the likely cause to the way the new iPad handles its power management. With new components in the device, the wireless chip might not be getting all of the juice it needs to run well. From the interview:

"[The Broadcom BCM4330 chip] boasts a new design including several new power-saving features," said Vronko. "Wi-Fi can be a hungry customer in mobile devices and Apple knew that the new LCD and its requisite monster truck GPU would be guzzling battery juice. They had to go aggressive on performance per milliwatt on every other component."

If this is the case, then perhaps a well-tuned software update to the iPad could solve the problem. Perhaps a fine-tuning could even solve the heat issues that are also caused by how much power the new LED screen needs. If that is the case, then this whole saga of minor iPad problems could be over very soon.

Have you experienced any of these iPad glitches or is you new iPad the best device ever created by man? Let me know in the comments below.

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