New iPad Tops Consumer Reports Tablet Rankings

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There's no doubt the new iPad is a hot item (literally, as well as figuratively). Despite problems with the temperature and controversy over the battery, the new iPad has proven immensely popular. Within days Apple had sold three million iPads, and the new iPad accounted for 6% of all iPad web traffic.

Now, after a series of tests and reviews, Consumer Reports has put the new iPad at the top of their list of recommended tablets. Despite being one of the organizations to make the biggest deal out of the heat issue, upon further review they decided that the temperature was not a "cause for concern," and that neither the temperature nor the battery issues did not ultimately impact "[o]ur high overall judgment of the new iPad."

One of the best features of the new iPad, according to Consumer Reports, is the display. The retina display is "the best we've seen," and earned a higher score for color accuracy than any tablet display they've tested. In fact, the retina display prompted a revision of their "excellent" rating for tablet displays. The new iPad is now the only tablet that earns a score of excellent in the display category.

Consumer Reports also praised the new iPad's much-improved iSight camera, as well as its performance on Verizon's 4G

What do you think? Does the new iPad deserve its top spot? Is it really that much better than the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments.

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