New iPad: The Swiss Army Knife Of Fun Gadgets

IT Management

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Say what you want, it really is nice to just carry a one-in-all device.

When Tim Cook & Co. unveiled the new New iPad earlier this month, he announced that Apple was taking steps to nudge society into the "post-PC world." While that statement smacks of hyperbole, coming across as more quixotic than anything, the clamor over the release of the New iPad does highlight the developed world's ever-growing dependency on gadgets.

Now that iPhoto has landed on iOS, another creative task has collapsed into the design of the iPad. Photos, music, games, books, internets, communication - there's little left that the New iPad won't do now (it'll even heat your efficiency, apparently). To emphasize just how multi-tasking the New iPad is, Daily Infographic put together a graphic showing the evolution of handheld devices that have led to the eventual conglomeration of all gadgetry into the omni-gadget, New iPad.