New iPad Runs Ten Degrees Hotter Than iPad 2

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Apple's new iPad sports several new updates, including a retina display, 4G LTE connectivity, and an enhanced new processor that includes a quad-core GPU. Now, enhancements like this nearly always come with a trade-off. Often, that comes in the form of decreased battery life. That, however, is something the new iPad has avoided: it has the same 10-hour battery life as the iPad 2. In the case of the new iPad, the trade-off is apparently in temperature.

Recent tests by Dutch tech site (Google Translation) have shown that under heavy use the new iPad runs warmer than its predecessor by 5.3º Celsius (9.53º Fahrenheit). Following reports forum that the new iPad was warmer, put the two devices side-by-side under an infrared camera:

New iPad runs ten degrees hotter than iPad 2

So while the iPad 2 (on the right) runs at 28.3º C (82.94º F), the new iPad runs at 33.6º C (92.48º F). With both tablets you can see that the temperature goes up closer to the processor, which suggests that the temperature increase comes from the new A5X chip. Increased operating temperature may be a growing problem as the processors in mobile devices continue to be upgraded.

Have you noticed your new iPad running hotter than your iPad 2 (or your original iPad)? Let us know in the comments.

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